How Often Should First Aid Kits be Replaced?

November 22 First Aid Supplies

Knowing how often first aid kits should be replaced can help ensure that you have the necessary medical supplies in an emergency. At EFAS, we understand how important it is to have the proper first aid supplies in the workplace. That is why we offer a range of mobile first aid supply services that include delivering first aid kits and safety equipment to your workplace.

When Should First Aid Kit Supplies be Replaced?

Since many items in a first aid kit have expiration dates (typically 3-5 years after manufacture) or can become damaged by frequent use, moisture, and exposure to the air, it is important to properly maintain a regular review of your first aid kit and replace any medical supplies as needed. Consider restocking items after use, as well as inspecting first aid supplies every couple of months, in order to keep your first aid kit up to date.

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How to Inspect a First Aid Kit

Some common first aid kit supplies that should be checked at least once a year to see if they need to be replaced include:

First Aid Kit

The first thing that you should always inspect is the condition of the first aid kit itself. If the first aid kit has a zipper, make sure that it opens and closes easily. If they kit is made out of plastic or metal, make sure to check for any cracks or rust and that the hinges and latches are in good working order. First aid kits that are damaged should be replaced to ensure that the contents remain in optimal condition.

Dressings and Bandages

Sterile dressings and bandages in first aid kits do not typically expire as long as they remain sealed and undamaged. If a sterile product is opened or damaged, it will no longer be considered sterile and should be discarded.

Non-sterile dressings and bandages should be checked regularly for signs of damage, discolouration, or mildew. If you are unsure about whether or not a first aid product has been compromised, consider replacing it to be safe.


When inspecting a roll of gauze, make sure to check the seal for any signs of discolouration or condensation. In the event that the seal has been damaged but the gauze is still clean and dry, the gauze can still be used but will no longer be considered sterile.

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