Understanding why you need confined space training can help ensure that you are properly prepared for a variety of different working conditions. The safety experts from EFAS understand how important proper training is for people working in confined spaces. That is why we offer a selection of safety training courses.

What is Considered a Confined Space?

Confined spaces are enclosed or partially enclosed areas that are big enough for a worker to enter but are not designed to be worked in regularly. In most cases, confined spaces are places that are only entered from time to time for inspections, cleaning, maintenance, or repairs.

Confined spaces in the workplace can pose a significant risk to workers because incidents in confined spaces tend to happen suddenly. Common hazards in confined spaces can often result in fire, explosion, unconsciousness, asphyxiation, or drowning.

What Does Confined Space Training Cover?

Confined space training ensures that anyone working in a confined space is fully trained in the following:

  • How to recognize and identify potential hazards associated with the confined space being entered.
  • How to evaluate and control procedures for the identified or potential hazards.
  • The proper set up, use, and limitations of all equipment that will be used while inside the confined space.
  • The proper set up, use, and limitations of all personal protective equipment that will be used while inside the confined space.
  • Proper use of all communication and retrieval systems.
  • All safe work procedures for entering the confined space according to the employer’s confined space hazard assessment program.
  • The exact procedures to follow if a situation that could present additional risk to the worker develops.
  • The specific work to be done while in the confined space.
  • How to work in a way that will not endanger lives.

Reasons Why Confined Space Training is Important

Some of the different reasons why confined space training is important include:

1. Increases Awareness

Confined space training is designed to help workers understand what a confined space is, while also increasing their awareness of the hazards they can expect to find in a confined space. By increasing a worker’s awareness of potential hazards, workers will exercise increased caution, resulting in fewer injuries.

2. Helps Determine Risks

Determining the risks associated with a specific type of confined space can help workers make better decisions in regard to the equipment needed to ensure safe working conditions. Determining potential risks ahead of time also allows for emergency procedures to be put in place.

3. Ensures Proper Qualifications

Confined space training informs workers about the legal obligations of having proper qualifications and certificates in order to work in a confined space. Knowing these obligations can help ensure a safer working environment.

If you would like to learn more about why you need confined space training, or if you are interested in our safety training courses, please contact EFAS by calling 604-294-EFAS or by filling out a contact form on our website.