Where is the Best Place to Store First Aid Supplies?

November 2 First Aid Supplies

Knowing where the best place is to store first aid supplies in the workplace can help ensure that employees are able to quickly access first aid supplies in an emergency situation. At EFAS, we understand how important it is to have first aid kits located where they are not only easily accessible but also in clearly marked spaces that everyone is aware of. That is why, in addition to providing a range of first aid kits and first aid supplies, our experienced team members can help you select the ideal location for storing your first aid supplies.

Things to Consider When Storing First Aid Supplies at Work

Some of things that you should take into consideration when choosing the best place to store first aid supplies in the workplace include:

Federal Requirements

Depending on the type of workplace environment and the location of the workplace in regard to proximity to the nearest hospital, there are varying requirements that an employer must meet to ensure that there are enough easily accessible first aid supplies onsite. In most cases, these requirements are determined based on the risks and specifics of each workplace.


Similar to meeting the requirements for training and offering the right first aid supplies to employees, employers will also have to meet requirements for where the first aid supplies will be located onsite. All first aid kits are to be properly stocked and should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Some of the requirements that will affect the location of first aid supplies include:

  • At least one first aid station is required for every workplace.
  • In multi-storey buildings, employees should be no more than two storeys from a first aid station.
  • Every first aid station should be located at or near the workplace, clearly identified by a sign, and accessible at all times during working hours.


Failing to comply with the requirements for ensuring that employees have easy access to first aid supplies and training can result in hefty fines. All employers should take the time to learn about the requirements for their workplace in order to avoid any liability issues.

If you would like to learn more about where the best place is to store first aid supplies in the workplace, or if you are interested in our first aid kits and first aid supplies, please contact EFAS at 604-294-EFAS or toll free at 1-833-294-EFAS or by filling out a contact form on our website.