Getting to know the different types of fire suppression systems can help you select the best system for protecting your workspace from a potential fire. At EFAS, we understand how important it is to install the right type of fire suppression system for your particular business. That is why we offer a range of fire protection equipment to help you create the safest work environment possible.

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems contain liquid nitrogen that is kept under pressure with the help of the FM200 chemical agent. In the event of a fire, the FM200 will react with the flames, extinguishing them. This type of fire suppression system is especially ideal for small spaces that can easily be damaged by water, such as electrical rooms, data rooms, and communication rooms.

Chemical Foam Suppression Systems

Specifically designed for commercial kitchens, chemical foam suppression systems use chemicals, such as potassium carbonate, which are safe for extinguishing fires near edible items. For this type of fire suppression system, nozzles are placed under cooker canopies and are designed to propel a water-based chemical foam to put the fire out.

Water Sprinkler Suppression Systems

The most common type of fire suppression system is the water sprinkler suppression system. This type of system can be either manual or automatic and is ideal for putting out fires in larger areas. Automatic water sprinkler suppression systems are designed to turn on when they come into contact with smoke or heat, while manual suppressors have to be turned on by hand when there is a fire.

Foam Deluge Suppression Systems

Foam deluge suppression systems are ideal for large applications where water or gas cannot be used to extinguish a fire, such as near transformers, oil tanks, and oil storage silos. This type of fire suppression system uses a simple sprinkler type application to disperse a foam concentrate mixed with water, creating the typical expanding agent found in fire extinguishers.

Reaction Tube Suppression Systems

Reaction tube suppression systems are essentially valve-based extinguishers that consist of a reaction tube and a detector. In the event of a fire, a small hole will blow in the tube, releasing the reactive agent directly onto the fire. This type of fire suppression system is perfect for small spaces, as it has to be manually operated and can only be used to extinguish small fires.

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