Knowing how often workplace smoke alarms should be replaced will help you ensure that your business’ fire protection system is completely up to date and will be reliable in the event of a fire. At EFAS, we know how vital properly functioning smoke detectors are when it comes to protecting your business from a potential fire. That is why our team of mobile safety experts are trained and experienced with inspecting, installing, and replacing smoke alarms in all kinds of workplaces.

When Should Smoke Alarms be Replaced?

While most people are aware that the batteries in a smoke alarm should be replaced once a year, it is not as common to know that the entire smoke alarm needs to be replaced at least every 10 years. A good starting point to determine when the smoke alarm in your business needs to be replaced is to first check the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions should include information about when that particular smoke alarm needs to be replaced. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, you can also check the back or side of the alarm for the date the smoke alarm was manufactured.

When installing a new smoke alarm for your business it is important to ensure that the installation of the alarm does not reduce the level of protection a smoke alarm offers. This means that it is important to replace old smoke alarms with similar smoke alarms that offer the same level or a higher level of protection. It is also important to ensure that all smoke alarms are installed properly to ensure that they can function optimally.

Replacing Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Many businesses use interconnected smoke alarms, as they offer an added level of safety to the workplace. Interconnected smoke alarms work by activating all of the units when one of them detects smoke. When replacing a smoke detector within an interconnected system, the best option may be to replace all of the smoke alarms in the system at the same time, even if some are still in working condition. Before replacing smoke alarms in an interconnected system, it is also a good idea to check local government bylaws to ensure that you are meeting all of the necessary installation requirements.

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