Understanding whether or not AED machines expire will help ensure that your company’s defibrillator remains in optimal working condition. At EFAS, we understand how important it is to keep all of your business’ safety equipment up to date and properly maintained. That is why we carry a wide selection of safety equipment, including ZOLL defibrillators, which can be delivered right to your business.

How Long Does an AED Last?

The lifespan of your business’ AED will depend how well it is taken care of. Whether you purchase a new or recertified unit, AEDs can last anywhere from 10-15 years, depending on how often they are used and where they are stored. An AED that is kept in an office or storage cabinet and is barely ever used will last significantly longer than one that is kept in the back of a police vehicle or on a fire truck.

How to Tell if the AED is Not in Optimal Working Condition

AEDs are designed to automatically perform daily, weekly, and monthly tests. In the event that one of these tests finds an issue, the AED will start chirping, similar to a smoke detector, to let you know that it is in need of servicing. Certain AEDs may even come with an information button that will let you know exactly why the AED’s service alarm is beeping.

In addition to the AED’s self-checks, it is important to also perform physical checks of the defibrillator on a regular basis to see if the indicator button is showing that the AED is not working properly. If the AED is not chirping but the indicator shows that the machine is not working, the battery might need to be replaced or there may be an additional issue with the defibrillator.

Common AED Issues

The main issue that can cause a defibrillator to stop working properly is not replacing the pads and batteries before their expiration dates. In most cases, AED pads and batteries are only good for two to five years, depending on the AED brand. Make sure to write down the expiration dates and keep the information with the AED.

Other issues that can affect the usability of an AED will depend on how often it has been dropped or gotten wet. While defibrillators are very durable, they may start to malfunction over time if they receive a lot of wear and tear.

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