This course covers the fundamentals of safe operation for the different classes of variable reach lift trucks (VRLTs). This course exceeds all CSA, OHS, and CCOHS requirements for classroom operator safety training certification in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Course elements include:
  •  Federal and provincial VRLT-related legislation requirements for the machine, employees, supervisors and employers
  • Machine hazards
  • Common lift truck incidents and accidents
  • Different lift truck classes
  • The importance of the operator’s manual
  • Safety decals
  • Machine components, controls, brake types, and safe guards
  • Capacities and in-depth stability principles
  • Proper use of load charts
  • Pre-operational inspections
  • Function tests
  • Maintenance
  • Hydraulic system dangers
  • Refuelling
  • Hazard assessment/mitigation
  • Rescue planning
  • Proper communication
  • PPE
  • Operating rules
  • Steering modes
  • Loading/unloading
  • Racks
  • Work platform use
  • Parking and shutting down
  • Recordkeeping

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Note: Applicable to all courses 

​Language instructed:

  • English

  • It is recommended that participants registering have an English Level greater than or equivalent to Grade 10 English (British Columbia School System)