Fall Protection

Fall Protection

The course discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of using fall protection equipment for multiple industries. Participants will be deemed “Competent” once they are able to pass the written exam and you are able to demonstrate safe set up, use and maintenance of the fall protection equipment.

This Fall Protection Course for the Competent Person meets the requirements for training found in:

  • WorkSafeBC Part 11
  • OSSA (Safety Training Systems)

Course elements include: 

  • Definitions and Obligation to use Fall Protection
  • Responsibilities of Employer/Supervisor/Worker
  • Restraint & Arrest Components & Criteria for Use
  • Fall Protection & Rescue Plans
  • Equipment Standard, Selection & Inspection
  • Certification by Engineer
  • Ladder and Scaffolding Use & Maintenance
  • Anchor Points Requirement (Fall Restraint & Arrest)
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Donning, Fitting and Storage of Equipment
  • Temporary Horizontal lifelines & Restraint Cables
  • Removal from Service
  • Rescue, Retrieval, & Survival Techniques

Upon completion of this course participants will understand: 

  • WorkSafeBC & the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety requirements for fall protection
  • The role fall protection in today’s industry
  • Common injuries from falls.
  • The fall protection work plan.
  • When fall protection is required
  • Basic skills in fall hazard recognition & how to control fall hazards
  • Fall protection systems
  • Maintenance and storage of fall protection systems
  • Inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment
  • Donning and fitting
  • Retrieval requirements, techniques and skills required to rescue a fallen worker


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Note: Applicable to all courses 

​Language instructed:

  • English

  • It is recommended that participants registering have an English Level greater than or equivalent to Grade 10 English (British Columbia School System)